How do I use the air fryer

- 2020-11-17-

Fried food is a very common kind of food in life, Fried chicken, French fries, Fried dough sticks and so on, for food, the more garbage, the higher the calories to eat the more happy. But Fried food is still very unhealthy ah, often eat Fried food will let a person accelerate aging, obesity, cause gastrointestinal diseases and so on. So the birth of air fryer, to the friends who like to eat Fried food, bring taste and health satisfaction. As the common electrical appliances in the kitchen, with its convenient and easy to use the characteristics of less lampblack by the vast number of consumers welcome.

In fact, the "frying" of the air fryer is not really Fried, but adopts the 360° spiral air high-speed circulation technology. Simply put, it is to replace the original hot oil in the fryer with air, and use the convection heating method similar to the hot wind from the sun to form a rapid circulation of heat flow in the closed pot, so that the food becomes cooked.

So how do you use the air fryer?

In fact, as a silly kitchen appliances. The air fryer was developed specifically for kitchen newbies who couldn't cook well. I believe that many friends who are not good at cooking, the main reason for cooking is that they cannot control the heat, but the air fryer will not have such trouble! Now the air fryer is generally more intelligent, the use of rotary or touch type timing and temperature control button, you can follow the heart to adjust the temperature and time Settings. You just need to set the time and temperature according to the recipe and then you can do other things, the machine will automatically cut off when the time comes. Moreover, internal thermostatic control, cyclic heating, more uniform heat distribution, do not worry about burning. And some smart air fryers are also equipped with APPS that can be done with one click, making it very easy to get started.

To sum up, many air fryers are designed with detachable frying baskets, which can directly separate the Fried oil from food to achieve the effect of filtering the oil. Gently press and pull out of the fryer to remove food without worrying about burning your hand. The inner pan is easy to clean and the whole cooking process is fairly easy.